6:57 meeting Called to order by President, David Keiski


Board members present: David Keiski, Jeff Ballas, Tim Cron, Janet Kellam

Al and Ezra Jones were in Utah, will be at Smiley Creek later in the month


The 2016 minutes had been posted on line, there was a motion to dispense with reading of the minutes. ____? Made the motion, Julie Meissner seconded it. All in favor.


A big Thank You to the Sawtooth Hotel, Tim, Becky and Kelly, for hosting the meeting again this year. Donations were suggested from all who would partake of the delightful food and beverage. A beautiful bouquet of flowers and a gift were presented to them as thanks for all their support of the Ski Club, along with a big round of appreciation and a chorus of thank yous.


Financials: Nothing major new bought this year. We have been looking at a small four track cab (for the driver) vehicle to groom, BCRD has one they have been testing out and we will wait to see how that goes. Meanwhile, snowmobiles still seem to be the best grooming machine for us. We have 4 sleds, all have been serviced and ready to go with one in the shop awaiting a charged battery. We have a healthy bank account and are looking into the possibility of a Yellowstone Compaction Drag for the School/City ski trails and will order a few small replacement parts form the company as they are transferring ownership to a new outfit in Sheridan WY, who appear to be good but it does put them further away than West Yellowstone.


We have moved to US Bank. A separate PayPal button and card acceptance online and card swipe ability will be coming this winter as we investigate and implement the best options.


Grooming: Fall trail work days were successful, tidying up Alturas trails and clearing many more trees at Park Creek (more to go with the groomers able to tackle some on the outer trails) Began grooming Dec 7th, Park Creek and Alturas. Conditions range from pretty good to horrible depending on the snowcover and the ice crust beneath some recent snow. (Winter began with a lot of snowfall, followed by thaw and rain). The good news is we have a base on a number of places, but we need more snow to really have consistent trails.


Adam Gulick (sp?) is being trained in to groom at Park Creek and the School, and assist at Alturas at times. Thad has been putting time in to help train Adam and Daniel to get dialed in at Park Creek. Daniel, (the FS one day a week assistance), will be grooming and working for the ski club on Fridays and primarily at Park Creek, this is his second winter assisting. There is an increased effort to offer nice trails at Park Creek after a tough 2016-17 winter of downed trees from the fire, 200% of average snowfall and variable rain along with some freeze thaw events.


Membership: Remains for this year at $15 Individual, $30 Family. Donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated.


Parking at Alturas: David and Janet went to meetings last spring to follow up with the FS on creating a better parking situation at the Alturas Highway turnout. David and Jeff met with Susan James, Ed Cannady, Art Fisher and Sygney Camp Perkins Director this fall. All agreed on what we hope to be a good solution.

1) No overnight parking and signs identifying such will be placed at the Alturas turnout to enable plowing and facilitate day use, as it is the Alturas Ski Trail Trailhead. The intent is also to discourage weekend, overnight snowmobile trailer parking for the Valley View Cabin owners as they have their own turnout just north of Alturas turnout.


2) Camp Perkins will plow and park on the Alturas road and sign it for Camp Perkins parking only. Although Sygney has said skiers are welcome to park there when it is empty and their own cars, as long as we don’t block anyone in and we can communicate if there are ski club events or Perkins needs cars moved off the Alturas road to perform their plowing, things like that.

Sygney came to the Dec 8 member meeting and introduced herself and the Perkins caretaker, maintenance and shuttle driver, Warren Ellis. She gave a very warm welcome to all the ski club to stop by and say hi, grab a cup of cocoa or ask for help if we ever need any assistance. It was really nice to have Sygney and Warren there and we all enjoyed talking with them.



Elections were held with board members Tim Cron and Jeff Ballas both running for re-election. Bill Leavell made a motion of voting yes for each, Phil Enright seconded it and all voted in favor.


Ski Festival: First weekend in March as always. We will be working on it during the winter, anyone welcome to come to board with ideas or offer assistance.


Membership Renewal and Donations:

Janet spoke up that she would be available all night to take 2017-18 memberships and donations. Also requested everyone to come check her contact list to update any usps mailing or e-mail addresses. We are hoping to do more with e-mail correspondence but need to make sure we have current ones.

$800 in membership and donations was received during the meeting


_____ Multiple people motioned we adjourn the meeting

______Multiple people seconded it (hard to get names so many offered)

All present were in favor aye (time??? 7:40?)

Post meeting, a couple ideas were voiced to Janet as she took memberships

  • Take equipment off of Park Creek Trails and store sooner in the spring/summer (Julie Meissner) Janet mentioned to her that we are currently searching for a couple trailers (one covered, one not) to be able to better collect and safely store equipment over the summer.
  • Julie Meissner suggested the ski club begin a once a month program of interest. She said it could vary from free ski lessons to animal tracking to avalanche basics. She offered to coordinate that.
  • Annie Kalik suggested that the Ski Club develop an e-mail list that when the grooming report is updated that a copy or a link to it go out to those interested.
  • Janet spoke to some of the Park Creek regulars about the possibility of getting trail condition reports from them so we can help train in Adam and Daniel


Dec 8 2017 Meeting Minutes

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Kellam