Meeting called to order by President, David Keiski 6:49

A Special Thank you given to Tim, Becky, Kelli and the Sawtooth Hotel for hosting the meeting again this year. Feel free to stuff the donation jars on the counter for beverages and a great curry dinner, this helps the Hotel cover the cost. Special Recognition given to our supporting partners the City of Stanley, BCRD and the USFS.

Last year’s minutes were reviewed and approved, also posted online on the website.

This year’s news


Fall trail work had a great turnout and we were able to improve the trails with yet more clipping and clearing. Everyone’s hard work has really paid off as we could begin grooming in early December and have nice quality skiing on much of our trail system. Alturas and Park Creek trails are both in with a shallow snowpack but great skiing. Signs are going up as snow allows.  The Ski Club purchased a used Ginzu Groomer in excellent shape this summer so we have Ginzus at Alturas, Park Creek and new this year, at the School/Pioneer Park. This will really allow us to groom nicer tracks at the school. We have Adam with his excellent grooming at Park Creek again this year, Randy helping at the School and maybe Adam at times, David and Chad at Alturas, and Daniel (USFS 8 hrs a week) at Alturas or grooming where needed at all three sites. 

Parking: Camp Perkins plows the beginning of Alturas Lake road and maintains it for their staff and overnight renters so please respect that space especially on weekends and park at our ski trail turnout. We’ve been able to sign the Alturas Ski Trail turnout and ask for no overnight parking so ITD can plow it after each storm and to ensure there is enough space for all the skiers’ cars on weekends. Valley View homeowners have a turnout just north for their cars and overnight snowmobile trailers.

Grooming Partners: City of Stanley-assists with Park Creek and the School groomer’s wages and workmen’s comp. The City voted to increase their contribution this year to $5,000 thank you! BCRD-assists with Alturas groomer’s wages and workmen’s comp. USFS-assists with Daniel grooming and trail maintenance 8 hrs/week most of the weeks he is working for the USFS.


David and Janet came up for re-election, all voted in favor of them. Al/Ezra Jones who hold one position are stepping back from the board but continuing to offer all their support for the ski club. Kelli Kerns was nominated and enthusiastically voted in. Tim Cron and Jeff Ballas are on for another year. Thank you all!

Membership: 2018-19 membership is still $15 Individual, $30 Family. We introduced and voted (All ayes, no opposed) for 2019-20 to increase membership to $20 Individual, $35 Family. Still an incredible deal for our nearly 40 kilometers of skiing throughout the Sawtooth Valley and Stanley Basin. Many people donate yearly in addition to their membership dollars, this really helps us keep grooming our great trails. Thank you donors!!! We couldn’t do it without you.


Trailers: We still need a trailer for hauling equipment, signs and summer storage, and have decided a four place double axle, snowmobile drive off the front trailer is the best for us. (starting at aprx $2,500). We plan to locate the right one this winter.

Snowmobiles and a future four-track: We will be looking for a grooming quality snowmobile this winter ($14-$15,000) to begin replacing our aging fleet of two good snowmobiles and two old snowmobiles as they go out of service. David has been doing a lot of research with some Nordic centers, BCRD and others regarding the use of a small, enclosed cab “Ranger” type four track to pull grooming equipment. (aprx $24-$25,000 plus a mounted winch). Most smaller Nordic trail systems (i.e. non-Pisten Bully), are moving towards this and keeping snowmobiles to pack the initial track and as backup. They are sharing their tips and tricks with us, really helpful! Robbie Beck offered to let us demo some grooming using his four track which has been an excellent vehicle for his winter time tree cutting and logging. Del Oveson at Busterback also has offered. Thanks you two! Our plan is to continue doing some research and to move forward with a 2019 fundraising campaign and to seek matching grants to purchase a four track for next winter. Susan James offered info about non-federal grants that come to her as USFS recreation specialist and Dana Perkins offered to help with grants as well.

Finances: Each winter we raise approximately $5,000-$9,000 more than we spend on equipment, grooming and necessary operations. So we have been saving up. We haven’t had any large expenditures in a number of years so we are looking pretty good to slowly begin replacing our grooming machines if we run a matching $ campaign and seek out grants. Anyone interested in our specific finances contact us and we’re happy to go through our profit/loss statements from the past years with you.

Ski Festival March 2ndand 3rd2019

Karen Keiski is again chairing the Festival activities, all volunteer help is welcome. Thank you Karen!! Check in with her about events, the dinner, the silent auction and the soup kitchen social.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:40 with dinner and a raffle to follow. Thanks everyone for participating and your support of the Ski Club and our trails!

December 14, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Kellam