The Sawtooth Ski Club held its annual Business Meeting at the Sawtooth Hotel in Stanley on the evening of Friday, the 13th of December, 2019. Once again, our hosts at the Hotel, Kelli Kearns and Becky Cron provided an excellent meeting place and a delicious meal for Ski Club Members to enjoy once the business portion of the meeting concluded.
David Keiski, President of the Sawtooth Ski Club welcomed everyone, thanked our gracious hosts for their good cooking and hospitality, he thanked the City of Stanley, Blaine County Recreation District, the USFS, the Sawtooth Society and then got right down to business.
David reported that all machines and equipment were in place and that Park Creek had been groomed had been groomed that very day. Groomers this year are David Keiski and Chad Bausch at Alturas, and Adam Gulick and Daniel Fisher at Park Creek. David asked the audience if anyone wanted to join in the grooming program. Sean Petersen expressed interest as well as volunteering to cook dinner and donate a bowl for the annual fundraiser.
Trail clean up days went very well again this year at Park Creek and Alturas. Always held on the last full weekend of October, dedicated volunteers clear the trails of sagebrush, downed trees and seedlings.
David reported that the club had purchased an enclosed snowmobile trailer to better house and protect the fleet of snow machines used for grooming. He detailed the need for an additional 20 foot flatbed trailer to hold all of the grooming equipment and signs.
David explained that the grooming equipment is in need of updating and repair. Rough use, age and difficult conditions have taken a toll on the implements needed for trail grooming. During trail work days last fall, parts from the ginzu were found on the trail. It was discussed that perhaps we could make it through the upcoming season, swapping the best implements around to ensure each area had suitable equipment. The club may need to make additional purchases in the near future. Board Member Kelli Kearns volunteered Board Member Tim Cron to assist in the equipment shuffle.
David reported that Rob Beck had come to the rescue at Park Creek 3 times last season to tow incredibly stuck machines and implements from the far reaches of the trail system. It cost the club $1,300.00, but was well worth it. David expressed gratitude to Rob for dropping everything and hauling his equipment a very long distance to help us out so grooming could continue.
Daniel Fisher from the USFS will be working one day each week to assist the Ski Club with grooming at Park Creek.
Tim Cron and Jeff Ballas’ terms on the Board are up for election and David asked if anyone wanted to run for those seats. No one spoke up, so Tim and Jeff were re-elected.
David reported that the Sawtooth Ski Club website has been partially updated.
The President reported that the bank balance was around $34,000.00. Margaret Oveson, the bookeeper for the club had prepared a profit and loss statement. It was decided that Margaret was due for a pay raise. An application was submitted to the Sawtooth Society to share in the cost of a new snowmobile purchase for the 2019/2020 season. Woodside Motor Sports will sell us a second Polaris Titan which is a 2 stroke model.
Scott Williams has been working on our snowmobiles for years and is tired of working on our old Yamaha machines.
Membership dues were increased from $15.00 for individuals to $20.00. Family memberships were increased from $30.00 to $35.00. Trails are open to all, and no enforcement exists.
The Sawtooth Ski Club Website has a membership paypal capability for dues and donations and membership dues can be accepted and recorded by Karen Keiski after the business meeting concludes.
Volunteering for the 18th annual Sawtooth Ski Festival was encouraged. This is the only fundraiser of the year, usually we make around $10-15 thousand dollars.
The meeting was concluded and the party ensued wrapping up with the awarding of fabulous door prizes.