Don’t miss the 2020 Ski Trail Workdays and all the fun to be had sawing fallen trees, snipping brush and clearing the way to a great 2020-2021 ski season. This year, the cleanup days are on the last day of October, Saturday, October 31st at Park Creek – 10 a.m. daylight savings time… and then fall back at 10 a.m. standard time on Sunday, November 1st at Alturas Lake. Meet at the parking areas and don’t forget to bring gloves, personal protective masks, chain saws, hand saws, pruners and a good attitude. The clean up usually takes 2 or 3 hours at each area. This year there will be NO post work indoor chili bean chill out due to our ongoing pandemic. However, bring a sack lunch and when hungry just yell out “Vorrei mangier fuori” as they say in Italy, or, “I’d love to eat al fresco” as we americans say, and enjoy a trailside, creekside or lakeside picnic with your ski buddies.