On November 30th, Davinius and the pretty girl from the village drove for a final time to the inlet of Alturas Lake. It was the last day the road would be open to traffic for the season. Their 2020 Lamborghini Huracan EVO blew through the 5 inches of light snow that covered the road, purring like a wild bobcat in pursuit of a snowshoe hare. Elk tracks criss crossed the snow and Canada geese suddenly thundered off the lake, honking into the sky. Davinius ran his fingers through the curls of his white beard, softened by Alberto VO5 conditioner, and removed his Maui Jim sunglasses. The perks for his job as a major internet influencer had been pretty good… real gravy, just like the Swanson ready-to-serve turkey gravy he’d poured on his General foods stove top stuffing and Ore-Ida instant mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. But now he was ready for a simple contemplative lifestyle in his snow cave by the lake and had definitely decided that once the snow got a bit deeper, he would move there and give up all the perks to start grooming the Alturas ski trails again for the winter. He just hoped that more snow would fall soon and that his Fabreze plug-in air freshener and his Brut Eau de Cologne would last through to the spring thaw. Otherwise this grooming job just might stink.