2018 Trail Workdays were a sawing, snipping and smashing success. Both ski areas had a great number of hearty helpers turn out. Although rain threatened the ski trails at times, the sun beamed through and everyone plucked and pulled and hauled and laughed a lot. The trails are in nice shape to start the season, as we head towards cooler temperatures and that fluffy white stuff. Sunday afternoon, post work session, we gathered for soup and goodies and celebrated at the Keiski’s.

Special thanks to everyone who helped out on the trails:

Jeff, Sylvia, Ed, Jay, Patty, Daniel, Tom, Meghan, Bryce, Julie, Pat, Thad, Karen, Julie, Steve, Andy & Janet at Park Creek.

David, Karen, Ed, Jay, Patty, Daniel, Tom, Bryce, Scott, Amy, Paul, Sandra, Suzy, Dave, Ann, Liese, Verlon, Jim, Laura, Andy & Janet at Alturas.