The Sawtooth Ski Club’s 18th Annual Ski Festival was a great success! In retrospect, given our present awareness of the covid-19 pandemic that has overtaken our lives, perhaps the festival gatherings should never have taken place at all. We hope that everyone made it through unscathed. Since it seems that only hindsight is 20/20, we can still try to to look back from our isolated and quarantined viewpoint without too much regret or second guessing and remember all the smiling people who came together for a good cause. The festival took in $16,000 before expenses which makes it one of our most successful festivals ever. All three festival events were well attended and a lot of fun. The generosity of volunteers, contributors and participants was amazing, but not surprising. We couldn’t have done it without YOU! Our thanks go out to:
Adam Gulick
Cindy Feris
John Beehler
Lisa Muscavage
Ann Fuller
Redfish Lake Lodge
Tisa McCombs
Karen Adams
Julie Rember
Sawtooth Adventure Company
Dave Tengesdal
Papa Brunees
Andy Munter
Luke Johnson
Stanley Baking Company
Randy Townsend
Polly Read King
Jeff Ballas
Sawtooth Hotel
Sean Petersen
Tim Cron
John G. Kelley
The River Company
Debbie Reese
The City of Stanley
Sylvia Hamilton
Debra LaMorte
Janet Kellam
David Keiski
Idaho Transportation Department
Scott Morris
Backwoods Mountain Sports
Liese Clebch Dean
Maryellen Easom
Wood River Community YMCA
Tina Cole
Blaine County Recreation District
John Marsh
Liza Wilson
Mountain Village
Don King
Kathy Deeter
Sun Valley Company
Amy Sinclair
Stanley Town Square
Thad Gerheim
Becky Cron
Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee
Celina Moreno
Mystic Saddle Ranch
Kate Kelly
Smiley Creek Lodge
Nancy McMath
Knob Hill Inn
Chad Baasch
Glass Masters
Anne Winton
Rick Kapala
Galena Lodge
Cindy Hamlin
Anne Jeffrey
Lower Stanley Country Store
Steve Botti
Sawtooth Brewery
Sparky Easom
John Plummer
Donna Hoitsma
Amy Duff
Ketchum Kitchens
India Wysong
Sun Valley Garden Center
Sandra Willingham
Mason Family Restaurants
Ed Cannady
Rick Kapala
Judy Hall Goodman
Michael Powel
Idaho Mud
Jineen Griffith
Gerard Kelly
Ellen Glaccum
Bev Angel
Pioneer Saloon
Jeff Welker
Kathleen Bell
Liesl Schernthanner
The Elephants Perch
Kelli Kerns
Dana Dugal
Atkinsons Market
Ice Cold Cabin Creations
Patti Dorr
Eye Safety Systems
JoAnn Braun
Silver Creek Outfitters
Gradual Art
Thunder Paws
Deanna Schrell
Bigwood Bread
Mountain Blooms
Suzy Hayes
R&R Home Repair
Renee Kuross
Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch
Esther Vitez
Jor Bars
Rae Townsend
Pete Phillips
Wayne Kratochvil
Stanley Rural Fire Department
Willy Gorrissen
Karen Shideler Keiski
Erica Cole