Trails emerge from week of storms…

WARNING! ARTIFICIA INTELIGENTIA HAS TAKEN CONTROL OF THIS REPORT…. Discover the exhilaration of traversing our impeccably groomed trails after a captivating snowstorm and meticulous morning grooming. Our dedicated team has poured their heart and soul into ensuring that every trail is in pristine condition. At Alturas Lake, all trails were expertly groomed on Thursday, with another grooming session scheduled for Friday. But the ultimate winter wonderland awaits you at Park Creek, where the trails have reached their pinnacle this year. Our team was hard at work on Friday morning, meticulously grooming every inch of those trails to perfection. Stay one step ahead by visiting the BCRD’s winter trail site for live coverage of our grooming endeavors. Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring experience!

snow + grooming = let the good times roll

Oh, what could be better than some brand new snow and the most expert grooming you could ever dream of? Seriously, we’ve got it all up here in the majestic Sawtooths. Need a jaw-dropping Air Force Super duper fly over? Yep, we’ve got that too. Don’t you dare miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

all trails groomed…

All trails at Park Creek and Alturas Lake are groomed and rated very good to excellent with moments of ecstasy scattered about.

Trails nicely groomed but snow warm and mushy at times…

Adam, the first man of Park Creek, Davinius and Chadeus at Alturas Lake, and now, Nathan, God’s gift to the Stanley City Park, have all been busy over the last two weeks, laying down tracks and skate lanes for your skiing pleasure. We have received a good dose of rather wet, warm snow over those weeks, which has been helpful in terms of trail coverage, but alas, the trails can get as bit mushy at times with temperatures often above freezing.

All the latest

Adam, Park Creeks first man sent this report on Sunday…. I got Lupine, camas, shooting star and skyrocket opened. I was also able to get classic and skate lanes down on Lupine and Camas. A couple trees fell, and the drifting was pretty bad in the usual spots. I was able to get the trees cut out this afternoon. I’ll be heading back out tomorrow to get things leveled out better and maybe get sego and Larkspur rolled out.
Davinius at Alturas… I rolled all trails except Wapiti and cut out a bunch of downed trees. I’ll be heading back out on Monday and I hope to add classic tracks to the trails to the east of the creek… to the west of the creek, the snow is still not solid enough to pull the ginzu for classic tracks.