Skiing at Park Creek is  the best sport of all in the winter. There’s one hill that it’s a big long hill and you just Zip and cannot stop yourself and you just hit the bottom and crash. Sometimes we sled at Park Creek. We have so much fun at Park Creek like skiing, sledding, and snowshoeing. Thank you for grooming the trails at school and the trails at Park Creek. Park Creek has some of the funnest trails that you can do.

Grady Klingler

I like Park Creek because you get to ski! And the hills are big! And you can slide down the hills! It is fun! Sometimes I fall off the sled. I love Park Creek!
Love, Piper Rose Wilson Gr. 2


Park Creek
Park Creek was SO FUN! We love to ski, snowboard and sled at Park Creek. The big hill is so fun, and we go on it a lot, and we love to go on the groomed ski trails like Sky Rocket and Shooting Star. We are going to come again in the winter. We had so much fun last winter. – Charlie Plass

Park creek is so FUNNNNNN to ski and sled! Last year we went sledding twice. It was the most fun thing I did all year! I really hope this year we get to sled down the big hill. – Van Wilson

The reason we all love Park Creek is it so fun for us to use in the winter. We all love skiing, sledding and snowboarding. My favorite trail is Shooting Star, and the big hill at the end is awesome. These are the reasons we like Park Creek. –  Audrey Plass

We all enjoy going to Park Creek. My favorite part of Park Creek is the last day because we do all kinds of skiing activities. We ski all over the place. One year we had a treasure hunt on snow shoes and the treasure was trail mix, and then we went sledding. My favorite hill so far to sled down is the first big hill. My favorite things to do at Park creek are skate skiing and sledding. – Cody Stewart

I love going to Park Creek every year. My favorite thing to do there is to go skiing on the groomed trails. I like skate skiing the best. I also love the scenery there too. I especially love the view of the Sawtooths. I also enjoyed the family of owls that lived there one year. My family loves going sledding on the big hills. Park Creek is so much fun. – Katy Stewart

I love being able to get outside and ski with the rest of my friends, and Park creek is a fun place to do that! I also love sledding on the big hill, and I love skiing down the big hill! Park creek is one of my favorite places to ski! – Lucas Savage


I love Park Creek! I love it because of the scenery and the fun trails! It is always groomed so you can slide across the snow like a knife in hot butter. The trails range in difficulty and length which makes for a very diverse skiing environment. It is also fun to sled on some of Park Creek’s steep hills. All of the kids in my school adore Park Creek so much.

Van Wilson

Skiing at Park Creek is the best. All the trails are groomed nicely just for cross country skiing. You don’t have to ski on the trail either. You can go off the trail and see the birds, trees and the other little animals that live in the forest. You can smell the trees in the morning right after it snows. You can feel the cold winter breeze as you slowly glide through the white snow. Park Creek is a beautiful place to hike in the summer and ski in the winter. It is reasonably priced and fun for anyone.

Fern P

I like sledding and skiing and snowshoeing. I like the games that they play at park creek.
Love, Grady Klingler Gr. 2

I like Park Creek because there are big hills. You can ske and sled at Park Creek. You can ski and sled at Park Creek. You can throw snow too. I like Park Creek. It’s fun!
Love, Adam Emerson Pond Gr. 2


I like Park Creek. I liked when I got to go zipping down the hill on a sled! I got splattered in snow!
I also liked when I strolled down into the forest and found a big hill!
I asked my teacher if I could go down and she said I could go down!
Snowshoeing is also relley fun. My boot fell off!
Fern Bruck Gr. 3

Skiing at park creek is really fun. First the trails are always groomed perfectly. You can hear the snow under your skis. It is very, very quiet on the trails. You can also hear the animals. You see the gorgeous scenery of the Sawtooths and the scorched trees around you. There are trails for every one and they’re very fun. From the flat plains to the high slopes, Park Creek is a very fun place to ski. I have been skiing the trails since I was five.

By Calder Handy