The Story of My Life…

On January 14th, the birthday Of Richard F. Outcault, illustrator and creator of the kid who started the comics – Yellow Kid – HULLY GEE, DATS DEAD STRAIGHT AN ON DE LEVEL AN I KIN STAND FER IT SEE – Davinius rolled the Trail to Alturas Lake and North Cabin Creek through deep drifts. Chadeus was going to head out on Wednesday to roll more snow. At Park Creek, Adam and Sean have been keeping up on the trails as well and Adam is going to head back out on Wednesday, hoping to have some skate lanes and tracks ready by the afternoon. Another storm is forecast for Wednesday night.

More snow falls on St. Knut’s day…

On January 13th, after rolling all trails at Alturas Lake through 6 to 12 inches of new snow, Davinius celebrated with St. Knut and some Nuutipukkis, as the wind continued sculpting bizarre creatures across the snow blown meadows.
Grooming will continue both there and at Park Creek.

Alturas and Park Creek trails emerge from deep drifts… bird songs in the wilderness

After more than a foot of snow covered ski trails at Alturas Lake, Davinius and Chadeus Maximus spent Saturday beating down the drifts with multiple snow machine passes. Davinius planned on returning on Sunday to do some rudimentary rolling before the next major storm. “All this hard work is for the birds!” he was heard to mutter.
At Park Creek, Adam, the first man of grooming, and his new trainee, Big Bowler Sean, were packing and rolling also, trying to stay ahead of forecast precipitation. Touring should be ok at both areas but expect rough soft trails.

With new snow over night, trails at Alturas will be rolled again on Monday.
“The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.”
― Willie Nelson

Alturas rolled…

On Wednesday the 8th and Thursday the 9th, Over the Hill, North Cabin, South Loop and the Trail to the Lake were rolled at Alturas Lake. All trails are skiable but somewhat soft with classic tracks still visible on most trails east of the Creek.

“When one runs with the wolves, one must howl with the pack.” – Leon Trotsky

On Tuesday, January 7th, in celebration of Russian Orthodox Christmas, all trails to the east of Alturas Lake Creek were double ginzu groomed for skate and classic. Wolves gathered around a Christmas Tree in the Forest agreed that the trails were the very best they had seen this season and that the cross country skiers looked to be delicious as well.