We are rapidly approaching the end of the season for the Alturas Lake and Park Creek ski areas with Easter Sunday looking like a soft landing date for grooming. We want to thank the Sawtooth Ski Club, the City of Stanley, Blaine County Recreation District and the Forest Service for coming together to provide great ski trails again this year. Thanks to everyone who came out to ski the trails with smiles on their faces. Thanks to everyone who made donations on line and at the ski area collection boxes. Thanks to the grooming crew and the people who moved grooming equipment up and down the highway and to the repair shop as our snow machines unfortunately succumbed one after another to winter’s deep drifts and harsh conditions. Thanks to that guy who came out to the trails to rewire and fix track setters when the temperature hovered around zero, and of course a big thanks to the soup kitchen queens of Alturas and the chili dippers at Park Creek. Finally, we must send out an extra special “Thank You!” to the Sawtooth Society and their Mountain Goat License Plate grant program. The ski club had been saving up donations for several years hoping to step up to the next level in grooming equipment and their “Goat Grant” helped make possible the purchase of two new tracked ATV’s for grooming the trails.