Could there be a better time to visit the Alturas Lake Ski Area than on Tuesday, December 11th, the day designated as International Mountain Day by the United Nations General Assembly in 2003? Surely not! On Monday, Sheep Thrills trail was widened with the ginzu groomer and classic tracks were set on the Trail to the Lake as far as the bridge junction, Over the Hill, and South Loop. For one day only, South Loop also features a free automatic sagebrush ski base restructuring treatment! Don’t miss it!

Enlightening Ski Trails

On December 8th at Alturas Lake, we celebrate Bhodi Day,  the day that Siddhartha Gautama became the fully enlightened Buddha. Groomer Davinius and his buddy Shakyamuni, invite you to shake your booty too and seek enlightenment through the duality of kick and glide on the Alturas Lake ski trails. North Cabin Creek Trail is flooded and a wet mess. Otherwise all trails are rolled and that is all… no tracks, no signs, no maps, no matter, no borders, no limits… oooohhhhmmmm…..

Saint Nick visits Sawtooth Ski Trails

Saint Nick visits Sawtooth Ski Trails

On December 6th, the official feast day of that jolly gift giving ski bum Saint Nicholas, some limited cross country ski trails at Park Creek and Alturas Lake have been rolled flat, but rocks and sage brush still punctuate the rough surface. With the temperature this morning at minus 25 degrees, skiing is predicted to be rough and excruciatingly cold. It is recommended only for those who just can’t wait for better days and trails. Weather permitting, further grooming will expand the skiing opportunities but more snow and grooming is definitely necessary before trails reach their usual quality. No directional signs or classic tracks are in place yet. That all said, much pleasure may be found by those who expect little.