As you may have heard, three of our four grooming machines broke down last week in some kind of cosmic coincidence. On Friday we headed to the boneyard and resurrected the oldest snowmobile in our fleet of groomers – the old yellew Skidoo, hoping that it could once again work its magic at Alturas Lake while we wait on repairs to our newer machines. Remarkably it started right up and was able to pull the roller around all trails on the highway side of the creek. Yellow and red flashing lights on the dashboard came and went and siren alarms bleeped loudly on occasion, but it did keep on truckin’, laying down some respectable but slightly rough corduroy. On Saturday, Davinius will attempt the trail from the bridge to the lake. No classic tracks right now but real progress nonetheless. At Park Creek, Adam, our first man of grooming, is still laying down some great trails with the last running snowmobile there.