On Monday, December 30th, all trails at Alturas Lake except for North Cabin Creek were ginzu groomed for skating and classic skiing!

Ginzu Overhaul Portends Corduroyed Future

On Saturday, the 28th day of December and the 362nd day of the year, Ginzu Chef Jeff repaired frozen mechanisms on 3 of our ginzu groomers. Many thanks, Chef Jeff! At Alturas, North Cabin Creek Trail was compacted with four snowmobile passes for the first time this year without major incident or mental anguish. The Trail Over the Hill and to the Lake was graded out and back, resulting in a firm ,fairly flat and skiable, but somewhat ugly trail. That status should improve on Sunday as ever eager groomer Chad headed out to drop blades with the repaired ginzu groomers and take trails to the next level.

Saturnian Dreams

On December 26th, while old groomer Davinius celebrated his mighty fine birthday with an interplanetary excursion, Chad and Adam touched up ski trails at Alturas and Park Creek. The trails are looking good at both areas and the skiing is just fine, but low snow and freezing ginzu groomers have limited directional sign placement, classic tracks and ultimate ski trail perfection. While still open for skiing, the Saturday ginzu grooming scheduled for Alturas lake trails has been suspended so that our ginzu mechanic can work on frozen actuators and broken electrical connections.


On Christmas day, all trails at Alturas Lake were looking pretty good after being rolled with a double pass. Only North Cabin remains ungroomed.
At Park Creek, after 3-4 inches of new snow, Adam was able to set classic tracks on portions of most of the trails on Tuesday, the 24th. The new snow helped level out the skate lane as well. He plans on going back out on Thursday, after it sets up a bit, to try to get things leveled out a bit more.

“Io, Saturnalia!”

On December 23rd, the old groomer Davinius, with a plan to put some soul back into solstice, loaded his pack with a jug of glögg, a loaf of bread and some baby cheeses and rode his yule goat out to Alturas Lake in search of a perfect yule log to burn on that night, the last of Saturnalia. Unfortunately, the old fool did not realize that he needed a wood permit and could not cut within 300 feet of the lake in any case. When confronted by law enforcement, he was given a warning citation for the yule log but hauled off to jail anyway on outstanding warrants. His goat was released. Luckily, Chadeus Maximus, his strapping young grooming assistant, had already rolled and ginzu groomed the ski trails on Friday and Sunday, to their best condition of the season. While classic tracks were still missing and North Cabin trail and a bit of Wapiti were not yet groomed, the rest of the trails were certainly fine for touring and perhaps even some skating. Park Creek was reported to be in a similar state by Adam, the first man of grooming there… rolled and ginzu flattened, but no classic tracks and the ridge on Skyrocket still ungroomed and needing snow.