Nearing the end…

On Sunday, March 29th, all trails to the east of Alturas Lake Creek were groomed. Expected snow showers may keep trails alive for another week.

Allegory of Winter

On Friday, March 27th, the birthday of Belgian painter Jan van Beers, Davinius and the pretty girl from the village posed as an Allegory of Winter from a secret location of isolation and quarantine in the Sawtooth Mountains. Could this charming picture reveal some hidden meaning concerning life and death in the coronal age where we find ourselves skating on thin ice and skiing through a mix of snow and frozen dirt, demented colours, absurd and crazy notions, a hotch-potch of ancient and modern mixed up on a single canvas? Hmmmmm… probably not. But all good things do come to an end and the ski trails are no different. The time draws nigh, repent and ski. But do so with care and forethought this weekend. At Alturas Lake on Friday, Over the Hill, the Trail to the Lake and North Cabin Trail were groomed for skate and classic. All other trails still looked good. Adam groomed at Park Creek as well.


A grooming of all Alturas skate lanes on Saturday, the 21st, was followed by one sunny day and then three days of snow showers. The new snow was plowed into submission on all trails to the east of Alturas Creek on Thursday the 26th. Resulting trails looked good, but the overall snow cover is melting back quickly and tree wells are pushing forest floor out onto the trail’s edge in numerous spots. Tread carefully and watch your speed as hidden detritus, stumps and rocks lurk just under the snowy surface. At Park Creek, Adam has returned from the isolation of his recent desert retreat and is working on sprucing up the ski trails out there as well.

Trails groomed

On Thursday, March 19th, all trails to the east of Alturas Lake creek were groomed for skate and classic.


On Wednesday, the 18th, all ski trails at Alturas Lake were groomed. It was sunny and warm. Tree wells crept slowly out of the woods towards the trail’s edge. A crane flew along the high pine ridge above the icy creek.