Happy trails to you…

On January 26th, the birthday of the 12th Dalai Lama, all trails at Park Creek and Alturas Lake are groomed and in good shape. More grooming scheduled for today at Alturas to correct any minor imperfections. Until we meet again…

Frosty day at ski areas…

 On January 17th, the one hundred and seventy second birthday of illustrator A.B. Frost, the ski trails at Alturas Lake, Park Creek and the Stanley Park all looked really great. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!


On Monday, the 16th of January, the birthday of Don Bogle, guitarist and founding member of Tacoma, Washington’s historic surf rock heros, The Ventures, Walk Don’t Run to the Alturas Lake ski area where the skiing should be pretty good. The same goes for Park Creek where conditions should be perfect to Ram-Bunk-Shush. 

Good trails, warm temps…

On Friday the 13th, Alturas and Park Creek trails should provide adequate skiing opportunities. At Park Creek, trails were graded on Thursday to remove concave irritation. At Alturas, all trails to the east of the creek were groomed with classic tracks and skate lanes and the remaining trail from the bridge to lake was rolled.

Trails rolled at Alturas and Park Creek

On Tuesday, the 10th of January, let’s celebrate the birthday of Donald Fagen.
Let’s sleep in today
Wake me up
When the wolves come out to play”
At Alturas Lake all trails were rolled through 6 to 8 inches of new snow and some classic tracks were added with the ginzu groomer on the east side of the creek. At Park Creek, rolling was scheduled as well and we assume that the results were positive.