On Monday, the 29th of December, trail directional signs were set out at the Alturas Lake Ski Area. Finding the right place for each sign seemed to befuddle the old groomer Davinius, but the pretty girl from the village, who rode along with him through the frigid cold, straightened things out.  And even if  you are not a good map reader, the signs at least provide the comforting thought that “you are here”. The Trail to the Lake as far as the bridge junction, Over the Hill, South Loop, Wapiti, the Connector and Sheep Thrills all were rolled to some degree. Cold temperatures continue to rule the night and are only creeping a few single digits above zero in the daylight hours. We are reminded of the Shadow and Raven Haiku by the poet Chenou Liu…

this cold night

I face my shadow

…a raven’s call