Sitting on a log overlooking the beach at Devil’s Elbow, Timinius saw the corked bottle awash in the foaming Oregon surf and thought it must be some sort of joke. Messages in bottles were usually only found on fairy tail beaches. But when at last, a gleaming green wave dropped the salty flask at right at his feet, he knew that this was something real. Fan mail from some flounder? No Bullwinkle, a real message. He removed the cork, unrolled a rather damp post card from Davinius and the pretty girl from the village, and read the pencilled scrawl… “Hope you’re doing well, pineapple crop looking good this year, Aloha from Hawaii! P.S. Sawtooth Ski Trails done for the year.”

That same day, standing next to a log in Riggins, Idaho, Thaddeus Sardonicus was taking photos of leaping salmon with his rather large ancient looking film camera. He noticed a small bottle bobbing into a back eddy and heading towards shore. That’s odd he thought as he reached down to pick it up….