As he finished washing the last spoon from the Alturas Lake Soup Kitchen, Davinius felt a bit lost. He was in a free fall. A blazing hot sun was baking ski trails and threatening to bring a quick end to the cross country ski season. He knew that some people thought global warming to be a myth, but Divinius understood that there was a deep underlying truth to this ancient myth, that of the great conflagration of things upon the earth.  “God gave Noah the rainbow sign, No more water, the fire next time.” Steering the ginzu groomer through the melting snow pack, Davinius had to give up, he could no longer control the machine. He felt like Phaethon, son of Helios, the sun-god, who tried to drive his father’s sun chariot across the sky but found himself tilting and careening out of control. Because he lacked the weight to drive the sun chariot in the path of his father, he burnt up all that was upon the earth, and tumbled from the sky, like a burning star falling to the earth. “Oh well”, thought Davinius, “it’s not so bad, not the end of the world, just an early end to this year’s ski season.” He climbed off the groomer and turned up the Heartbreakers on his iPod,  “I wanna free fall out into nothin’, gonna leave this world for a while, and I’m free, I’m free fallin’…”