On the first day of February, Davinius groomed all trails to the east of Alturas Lake Creek and hauled picnic tables there in response to a popular outcry for more convenient dining options while skiing. The trails there look very good after multiple days of grooming and he assumed the trails at Park Creek were likewise quite nice, since Adam, the first man of grooming and Daniel, the bearded one, had both been laying down corduroy there. On Thursday, Chadeus Maximus had to dig the snowmobile out of soft snow along North Cabin Creek trail and had to abandon the Ginzu groomer there next to a large hole. Davinius assured him there was no shame in that. A groomer must be prepared to walk away, defeated by the elements, since we are only human and the forces of Winter are supernatural. On Friday, Davinius retrieved the abandoned ginzu groomer, filled in the rather large hole left in the trail and marked it so it would not be a hazard to the skiing public. Even so, please, watch your speed on the big curving hills of North Cabin unless that’s really your thing. Grooming on to the Lake, Davinius encountered the reportedly deceased but very much alive Mr. Peanut and his hot date, the Tater Tot Girl. Ever ready to dispense fearful cautionary words of wisdom, Davinius told them not to ski on the frozen lake, since fried, baked or roasted skiers should never skate on thin ice.