At Alturas Lake on Monday, the 18th, Chad groomed the Trail to the Lake, Over the Hill, North Cabin and South Loop. On Tuesday, March 19th, yet another clear, beautiful, sunny day greeted skiers at the Sawtooth Valley’s cross country ski areas. But since it marks the 155th anniversary of the birth of cowboy artist Charles Marrion Russell, we found ourselves reminded of blowing snow and the great blizzards of 1886 and 1887. At times, it is said, a rider couldn’t see his horse’s head in front of him, let alone a path out of the storm. In Russell’s painting “Lost in a Snowstorm, We are Friends” he portrays a group of Indians and two immigrant cowpokes who are all driven by the snow to treat one another as friends. At Alturas Lake and Park Creek we celebrate the snow that brings people together of different backgrounds and cultures, different classes, different political and religious beliefs, skiers, snowshoers, dogs and humans, without asking who is right or wrong, native or immigrant. Can’t we just be friends? (Of course, since you’ve gotta draw the line somewhere – no horses, walkers, snowmobiles or snow bikes please…)