On St. Patrick’s Day we are proud to guarantee the ski trails at Alturas Lake and Park Creek to be absolutely snake free! At Park Creek, Daniel, the Barbarossa. will be grooming this week while first man Adam is on vacation. At Alturas, Chaddeus Maximus groomed the Trail to the Lake and North Cabin Trail on Friday and was returning to groom trails to the east of the Creek on Sunday. Chad took over all grooming duties at Alturas for the remainder of the season after Davinius abruptly quit, having taken on a new position as boating coach at Stanford University, along with moonlighting as a major internet influencer, signing a contract with Tresemme to promote their beard care product line. His new motto – “You call it facial hair, I call it awesomeness escaping through my face.” In response to this shocking news, all we can say is, “Goodbye, good luck, and good riddance!”