After our crippled and left-for-dead back up snowmobile was resurrected with the spark of life by master mechanic and fire chief Scott, grooming resumed at the Alturas Lake ski area on Sunday, February 3rd. After a bumpy gyrating ride to the ski area through deep untracked snow, Davinius rolled all trails to the east of the creek through 5 inches of new snow leaving behind some of the most beautiful corduroyed ridges ever seen. The torch was passed to groomer Chad on Monday who planned to push on to the lake and smooth out the three inches of new snow that fell overnight. Our primary grooming machine is still down and out but in the capable hands of Brian and the Bird man of Woodside waiting for a new starter to arrive. At Park Creek, first man Adam groomed trails on Sunday and went out again on Monday to lay down more of the groovy product that is getting rave reviews from local skiers.